Here comes the first episode! 


Van's new school is quite the hastle! Especially with the rivalry with obleisk castle prep! Meanwhile champ and cheer wanna learn to do and help van so they use the human transformation device and become human. They enroll and things seem to be going great until shreeky shows up challenging van to a duel! With his friends beside him and his ace in hand can van beat shreeky?





True heart

No heart


Obelisk castle prep students

Selifer sky acadamy students 


(the scene opens up to a bright morning in care a lot in champ bear's house. His new friend van has slept over to get to know him and the other bears more. But today was a big day)

champ: hey wake up! van wake up!

van: (wakes up with a start and falls out of the bed) ouch sorry champ I oversleep

champ: it's fine sportsfan but you gotta get going soon! You said you didn't wanna be late on your first day at your new school.

Van: my first day at selifer Sky acadamy! That's right!

champ: meet me in the cloud car as soon as your ready and I'll drop u off. i'll even walk ya in (he winks)

Van: hehe alright

(after packing his duel disk, deck and all his school supplies van headed out to the car with champ only to be held up by a duo of pink bears, one who is champ's age and one who is a cub)

wonderheart: oh hey so your one of the new care bear family friends huh?

Van: uh...yeah?

wonderheart: haha! I knew it! My name is wonderheart! It's nice to meet you!

Van: hehe nice to meet you to wonderheart

wonder: so what's your name?

Van: um Van

wonder: like the truck?

van: (blush) y-yeah

wlnder: hehe I'm just messing with ya

van: oh uh....

champ: hehe wonderheart sure is a bundle of energy isn't she, cheer must have brought her over to meet u

cheer: I sure did she is very curious

van: oh...but we gottta get going tho

wonderheart: where?

Van: to my new school(more coming soon)