Crossover series for yugioh and Care Bears. (applies to multiple generations of the Care Bears and yugioh series) takes place after Care Bears movie 3 duel of destiny

summary Edit

The duelist sanctuary arc:

A year after the events of Care Bears movie 3, van has been trying his best to adapt to his new school. The Care Bears are trying to help but van is a bit of a tough case. Thus cheer and champ have decided to enroll in selifer sky acadamy as well. But in order to do this they had to use the new human disguiser machine to turn human. Now under the new names Sakura and chase, cheer and champ are ready to help. But a new threat is looming as a new mysterious tournament approaches, The duelist sanctuary grand torunament. But what they don't know is that this is a plot by no heart to infect duelists with uncaring, and, with the help of his new partner ven , an evil duelist with the power to corrupt duelists, he might do just that. But the mysterious ven has his own plans. What will unfold? Stay tuned to find out!



Cheer (Sakura)

Champ (chase)

True heart

No heart




Chaos heart (revived)

Zero (good guy.) (later in the season bad guy)




Mizile (van's rival)

(More coming soon)