A story where kalos takes on team flare

Story Edit

At The Lumiose City in the 2015. the Care Force send Wonderheart and Tenderheart to Earth and help the kalos pokemon trainers to stop team flare from activating a doomsday weapon. At the Day the 15 year old trainer named Van bumped Tenderheart and Wonderheart and Asked to help him to fight with his 2 pokemon partners marital  break and mega glalie

Chapter 1: Cry on Kalos Edit

At the Prism Tower, the trainers were ready the pokemon to fight against team flare. but they start a Pokemon Revolution. the need to Conquer the Lumious City to became the Base of Operations. they use Fletchinder, Hawlucha, Chespin. while Van Commands mega glalie to Fight With a Tackle to Inkay. when they entered the Gym They Saw Wonderheart bear getting captured by team flare. the gym battle began. Van Uses marowak to attack with a direct hit but the opponent's ageislash uses sacred sword that destroy the 50% of the infrastructure of the Gym. But marowak use focus strike to confuse Ageislash and Finishes its bone revenge and wins. and team Flare Surrenders The Lumiouse City to Clemont, Wonderheart to Van but they Invade to Santalune City To get Viola's Gym. The Care Bears Spawned Grumpy and Funshine to be the escorts of Van and Wonderheart to secure thier journey.

Chapter 2: The Capture of Kalos Edit

When Van arrived at Santalune City. they realise that Viola was Trapped by a Genjutsu. viola Summoned Surskit to fight van.