Name: Hopeful Heart Cougar


Gender: Female

Stat: Undead (Revived By A Unknown Group) 

Was Dead: Yeah.(Was Revived by the Unknown group)

Cause of Death: Was Killed by someone.

Fur Colour: Dolphin Pink and Raspberry

Eye Colour: Electric crimson

Sexaulity: Lesbian

Likes: Cakes,Ice Cream,Candies,Heavy Metal,Rock,Pop,and Music She thinks Is Good,Homestuck,Madoka Magica,Sailor Moon,Cute things,Dark Things,Funny stuffs,Dark Comedy(Mild) and Being Hopeful

Dislikes: Trolls,Despair,Dark Comedy(Too Dark),Hip-hop,Rap (expect Underground Rap),Losing Her Colour,The Dark,Not Being Hopeful,and When People Calls Her Names

Personality: Happy,Joy,Hopeful,Energetic,Bubbly, Happy-go-Lucky,Warm-hearted,and Care-Free 


Belly Badge: Rainbow hearts 
Cute care bear base my first base by kuren247-d6mfoem