A young Care Bears family friend is getting ready for the yugioh duel of his life to protect care a lot from the evil chaos heart

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van has always loved yugioh, even enrolling in a special duel school known as selifer sky academy to improve. however one thing he loves just as much are his care bear friends. but little do they all know a new enemy is emerging in the form of a duelist from the rival school obelisk castle prep, zero. He has become chaos heart and he and his ace card steelswarm Hercules  are one tough foe but with the help of the Care Bears and his powerful new ace card daigusto falcos van is ready to defend care a lot from this evil force! It's time to duel!

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Chaos heart


True heart



Brave heart

Bright heart



(More coming soon)

locations Edit

Care a lot

Duelist sanctuary

Selifer sky acadamy

Obelisk castle prep

Ra palace university

Neo domino city